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Art Director


Boise, Idaho

Art Director

My Deals

Boise, Idaho

Boise State University

BS Marketing

Boise, Idaho


Currently I serve as the art director for Zompers—a growing startup. As this is a growing business I also get my hands involved in leading the brand strategy, design and development of applications and products.

Zompers is a wholesale retailer and manufacturer for a range of products and specializes in the kid market for toys. The Zompers mission: We develop and distribute innovative and safe products for all ages.

Don't let my degree in marketing fool you. This is my secret sauce when developing strategies and visual communications that will resonate with your target audience and increase conversions.

I am a designer through and through with training through Boise State University and 6 years of design and development experience.

I've ran a newspaper design and production department at Boise State University, developed over 30 websites, built 1 digital app magazine for both iOS and android devices, strategized and developed countless brand identities and worked with chinese manufacturers to develop products and packages I designed for over 800 retail stores in the US.

Designed, Developed and Implemented a new brand of balance bikes for Zompers. I'm currently in charge of the Website, SEO, and Amazon store. In the first 30 days of launching we sold $30,000 gross in online sales.

  • Brand Identity System
  • Product Development
  • Product Photography
  • Digital Development/Online E-commerce
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Amazon Store Development

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