$30,000 gross sales in the first 30 days.

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Brand Identity System

In order to complement the brands positioning as a information and quality kids first bike I created the logo to be both balanced and contain movement. The brand was built to be dynamic so that it would be powerful on the entire balance bike product line. You can visualize these design choices in the logo itself, the brands color usage, patterns and playful rounded corner typeface.

Product & Packaging Development

The packaging design would most likely serve as the first or second touch to our consumers. We designed the front of the package to focus on the clean and clear messaging of the brand and the product itself. The back of the packaging focuses on our competitive advantages and lifestyle imagery to showcase our product in action.

Facebook and Website Launch Campaign

To bring the balance bike brand to life, prior to receiving our first manufactured products we planned a pre-sale launch on our website balancebike.com. We sold our first 50 bikes at 50% off. Our campaign included a ten day Facebook countdown to the sale along with a google AdWords campaign. Oh yeah, and I even dressed like captain Jack Sparrow on Facebook live to introduce the new bikes when they had arrived.

There's More to Come

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Balance Bike Project