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What is one way to get clients in graphic design?

What can ai do in creative fields? As I learn how to train my neural network to be creative, I talk to Openai’s neural network GTP-2 and test its knowledge and thoughts about design. Here’s what it had to say.

Bryan Talbot: What is one way to get clients in graphic design?
Get clients in graphic design by email:

• Being polite: Not getting your sales pitch to a potential customer can do real damage. Let a client know if you won’t be able to come to their location or time.

• Answering their phone calls: A slow call back, even if you miss them, might confuse or be contrary to their approach.


• Creating a relationship: Get to know your potential client better, so that you can build a relationship based on trust and respect. (Hint: Salespeople who don’t talk to their potential clients are bad salespeople, period.)

• Building your portfolio: Adding a portfolio section on your website can help clients recognize that you are an active and ongoing partner in