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What is your favorite font?

What can ai do in creative fields? As I learn how to train my neural network to be creative, I talk to Openai’s neural network GTP-2 and test its knowledge and thoughts about design. Here’s what it had to say.

Bryan Talbot: What is your favorite font?

AI: My favorite font is Quenya. It is very interesting to type with, especially with the dearth of Aeneid-inspired fonts. The colors are great, too, and the letterforms are exactly what I prefer. Of course, the Quenya font is available as an open font with a license for the full set of characters.

Writing system: English

Book: The World of The Silmarillion (1987), edited by George R. R. Martin, Expanded Edition, 1989 (THE RING GEMS)


No matter where you are or what you are doing, find out where the archer of the Noldor is. And a wall-elf? We’ll see about that!